Servings Locations

Summer Servings site location maps for 2015 will be available May 28, and will continue to be updated throughout June 2015. Please check back regularly to find a site near you. 

We have Summer Servings sites throughout Marion County. Site location information is available in two different formats for interested parents, children, and community leaders.

The first is a printable PDF file arranged by zip code. It allows for easy identification of nearby serving sites, starting date of operation, which meals are offered (breakfast and/or lunch), and serving times. Click here for a list of servings sites by zip code.

The Indiana Department of Education has created a searchable map for easy location of Summer Servings sites near you. Click here for the searchable map. You can enter a home address and a number in the “Find Sites Within __ Miles” box to locate all sites within a set distance from your home. Clicking on the red symbol will show detailed information on the site including its starting date of operations, meal times, and meals available.