Can a child receive a free meal even if he/she does not participate in the other activities that may be offered at the serving site?

All sites listed on the map should be "open" sites, meaning that any child can receive a meal at that location.  Some sites do offer fun activities for children to participate in, but those activities are optional and have no bearing on whether a child receives a meal or not. 

There are some sites that are considered "closed" sites.  These usually do not have Summer Servings signage or actively promote themselves as a serving site.   Closed sites require children to be enrolled in the daily activity program in order to participate. Therefore, the meal service is only open to the registered children.

Do the sites offer supervision and childcare?

The main focus of the Summer Food Service Program is to provide nutritious meals to children at no cost. Each site is operated by an SFSP sponsor who is present during each meal service. Sites do not serve as drop–off locations for free childcare and/or recreation. Activities will vary by site and sponsor. In some cases, the only activity offered is the meal service.

Can pre- school age children receive a free meal at any program site?

Yes, according to USDA regulations, children ages 18 and younger are eligible and may receive meals through the SFSP.

Can a child leave the serving location with the meal?

No, the child may not leave the site with the meal; it must be consumed at the location.

Is the parent/caregiver allowed to pick up and carry out a meal for their child?

No, all meals must be consumed at the site during the posted serving times.

Is the parent/caregiver allowed to receive a free meal at the site for their own consumption?

The Summer Food Service Program is designed to serve children. Therefore, most sponsors will not provide free meals for the accompanying adults.

Can a child receive more than one free meal service per day?

Participants can receive up to two free meals per day depending on the site; most often this will consist of a breakfast and lunch. Availability of meals will be determined by the sponsor. Use this website to learn of the serving hours and which meals are served at sites near you.

How can I learn more about the serving sites?

2015 Summer Servings site locations can be found under the "Serving Locations" tab at the top of the page beginning May 28, 2015. The list of serving sites is updated frequently, so check back often. 

What kinds of meals can you expect your children to be served?

The menu differs from site to site based on the production capabilities of the sponsor operating each specific site, and can range from sack lunches to hot entrees. Each meal served must meet the USDA nutritional guidelines and includes the minimum amount of the required meal components. The basic lunch would consist of one serving of milk, two or more servings of vegetables and/or fruits, one serving of grain or bread and one serving of meat or meat alternative.